Mar Ignace Michael IV Daher
Patriarch of Antioch
Church Syriac Catholic Church
See Patriarch of Antioch
Enthroned 20 December 1801
Reign ended September 1810
Predecessor Ignace Michael III Jarweh
Successor Ignace Simon II Hindi Zora
Consecration May 1802
Personal details
Born 1761
Died 1816

Mar Ignace Michael IV Daher (or Zahir, 1761–1816) was the Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church from 1801 to 1810.[1]


Michael Daher was born in 1761 in Aleppo. Five days after the death of Ignace Michael III Jarweh the Syriac Catholic synod elected as new Patriarch Mar Cyril Bennam, bishop of Mosul, which was absent and immediately resigned. This opened a difficult succession, ended on December 20, 1801 with the election as Patriarch of Michael Daher, till then responsible of the Catholic Syriac community in Aleppo. Michael Daher was ordained bishop in May 1802[1] and he received the Pallium, the sign of patriarchal authority, by Pope Pius VII on December 20, 1802.[2]

Because of the his patriarchal ministry, Michael Daher had to life in the Patriarchal See located in Al-Charfet (or Sharfeh) monastery in Lebanon, while he preferred to life in his town, Aleppo. In 1805 he asked Rome to move the See from Al-Charfet to Aleppo, without success. He was also suspected of embezzling the property of the Al-Charfet monastery. On September 1810 Michael Daher resigned as Patriarch, appointing himself to bishop of Aleppo. Even if these resignation were illegal, but Rome accepted them in 1812. Michael Daher died in 1816.


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