Mar Ignace George V Chelhot
Patriarch of Antioch
Church Syriac Catholic Church
See Patriarch of Antioch
Enthroned 11 October 1874
Reign ended 8 December 1891
Predecessor Ignace Philip I Arqous
Successor Ignace Behnam II Benni
Personal details
Birth name George Chelhot
Born 15 October 1818
Aleppo, Syria
Died 8 December 1891
Residence Aleppo and Charfet (Mount Lebanon)

Mar Ignace George V Chelhot (or Jirjis V Scelhot, or Chalhat, 1818–1891) was Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church from 1874 to 1891.


George Chelhot was born in Aleppo on 15 October 1818.

He was ordained ordained priest on 2 February 1843. In September 1850 he suffered the persecution against Christians in Aleppo, and shortly later was sent in Europe to try to raise funds to restore the church-buildings, but at the death of Patriarch Ignace Peter VII Jarweh he had to return home without success.

He was elected bishop of Aleppo on 7 January 1862 and consecrated bishop on 25 May 1862 by Patriarch Ignace Antony I Samhiri.[1] At the death of Patriarch Ignace Antony I Samhiri on 16 June 1864, he was appointed Locum tenens of the Patriarchate. He withdraw his candidature to Patriarchate not to have to go to live in Mardin. He used the funds that Patriarch Samhiri had raised in Europe to establish schools for his community. In 1870 he participated to the First Vatican Council.

On 7 October 1874, a few months after Patriarch Ignace Philip I Arqous death, George Chelhot was elected Patriarch. In order to point out his independence from the directions of centralization typical of Pope Pius IX, he decided to be enthroned on 11 October without waiting for the papal confirmation (that arrived shortly later on 21 December 1874). George Chelhot moved the patriarchal See to Aleppo.

In 1876 George Chelhot founded a new religious order, the Brothers of Mar Ephrem. In 1888 he summoned a synod of the Syriac Catholic Church at Charfet (in Mount Lebanon) where important decisions were taken: the celibacy was made mandatory for almost all the clergy and the independence of the Syriac Church in choosing own Patriarch was reaffirmed. These canons were approved by Pope Leo XIII who was particularly well-disposed towards the Eastern Catholic Churches.[2]

George Chelhot died in Aleppo on 8 December 1891[3].


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