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The Idaho Falls Temple is the 8th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Located on the banks of the Snake River, the Idaho Falls Temple is surrounded by three ponds which continuously flow from one to the other and which creates three beautiful waterfalls. In addition, more than sixteen hundred pine trees adorn the landscape, creating a scene of tranquility to those that pass by and those that enter the sacred doors of the temple. The temple serves as a centerpiece for the city of Idaho Falls with its exterior constructed of white quartz aggregate and white cement, which radiates in the light. The temple is built on a solid foundation of lava rock, discovered when excavation began.

The area surrounding the Idaho Falls Temple is rich in pioneer heritage. Many early members of the Mormon Church were asked to settle in this harsh and barren prairie. But 1884 President Wilford Woodruff encouraged the members to 'not be discouraged; be not disheartened [in your endeavors], because Gods' blessing is upon this land ... the time will come when the Basin and the inhabitants will prosper and develop into a strong community." [1] The Idaho Falls Temple was announced March 3, 1937.

As construction began, the Mormon Church approached a cement products company located in Salt Lake City and asked if they could provide the materials needed to build the Idaho Falls Temple. The Buehner family eagerly accepted remembering that years earlier Brother Buehner had received direction in his patriarchal blessing that, he and his sons would assist in building temples. In the years that followed, the Buehner family assisted in the construction of five additional temples.

The exterior of the temple was completed in September of 1941 and the interior was expected to be completed the following year. However, with World War II shortages, it delayed the completion of the temple for four more years. In spite of delays, Mormon Church President George Albert Smith dedicated the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple just one month after the war ended, on September 23, 1945.

The Idaho Falls Temple has a total of 92,177 square feet, four ordinance rooms, and nine sealing rooms.



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