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In Greek mythology, Iasus (Ancient Greek: Ἴασος) or Iasius (Ancient Greek: Ἰάσιος) was the name of several individuals:

  • Iasus, king of Argos. His genealogy is confused; according to different sources, he was:
  • Iasus (Iasius), father of Atalanta[9] by Clymene, daughter of Minyas; he was the son of King Lycurgus of Arcadia by either Eurynome or Cleophyle. His brothers were Ancaeus, Epochus and Amphidamas.[10][11]
  • Iasus (Iasius), one of the Dactyli[12] or Curetes.[13]
  • Iasius, son of Eleuther and father of Chaeresilaus.[14]
  • Iasus, son of Sphelus (himself son of Bucolus), leader of the Athenians, was killed by Aeneas in the Trojan War.[15]
  • Iasus, king of Cyprus, father of Dmetor. In the Odyssey, he appears in a story told (and made up) by Odysseus.[16]
  • Iasus, father of Palinurus[17] and Iapis.[18]
  • Iasus, father of Phaedimus. His son was killed by Amyntas in the battle of Seven Against Thebes.[19]
  • Iasus, father of Nepeia, who married King Olympus and gave her name to the plain of Nepeia near Cyzicus.[20]
  • Iasus (Iasius), possible father of Amphion.[21][22]
  • Iasius, winner of the horse-racing contest at the Olympic games held by Heracles.[23]
  • Iasius, same as Iasion.[24]


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