Ian Jobling (1969-) is an American racialist writer who currently owns and writes the majority of the content for the website White America. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has named him one of the "new racialists."[1] Previously, he was a writer and webmaster for the white nationalist American Renaissance magazine and a literary critic.

Jobling received a doctorate in comparative literature in 2002 from the State University of New York.

Academic Publications

"Proper and dark heroes as dads and cads: Alternative mating strategies in British Romantic literature." Human Nature 14 (2003): 305-317. Co-authored with Daniel Kruger and Maryanne Fisher.

"Proper and dark heroes as dads and cads." In J. Gottschall & D. Sloan-Wilson ed., Literature and the Human Animal (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2005), 225-243. Co-authored with Daniel Kruger and Maryanne Fisher.

“Byron as Cad.” Philosophy and Literature 26 (2002): 296-311.

“Homicide and Personal Justice in Scott's Ivanhoe: An Evolutionary Psychological Perspective.” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies 2 (2001): 29-43.

"The Psychological Foundations of the Hero-Ogre Story: A Cross-Cultural Study.” Human Nature 12 (2001): 247-72.

Darwinian literary studies

As a literary critic, Jobling worked in the emerging field of Darwinian literary studies. In 2003, he co-authored an article in Human Nature entitled "Proper and dark heroes as dads and cads: Alternative mating strategies in British Romantic literature" that garnered substantial attention. Basing his work on the sexy son hypothesis, Jobling believed that the hero of the narratives of the British Romantic period were divided into "dark" and "proper" heroes, who corresponded to the male psychological types called "cads" and "dads" by evolutionary psychologists. Psychologists Daniel Kruger and Maryanne Fisher provided experimental confirmation of this hypothesis by showing that women, after reading descriptions of dark and proper heroes derived from British Romantic narrative, preferred the dark heroes for short-term relationships and the proper heroes for long-term relationships.

The Washington Post[2] and the New York Times[3][4] devoted articles to the piece.

Views on race

Jobling has consistently held that whites are the only 'true' Americans, whereas other races are at best 'guests' in America (contradicting or ignoring the fact that Native Americans occupied America before any Europeans arrived). Jobling has repeatedly called for the repeal of anti-discrimination laws in the US saying that ”whites ought to be privileged because they founded and built the country.” Jobling takes a negative position on the role of blacks in the US saying that they have done more to 'undermine' than 'build up' the US.[5]

Jobling holds that observed racial differences in behaviour can mostly be attributed to genetics - “the white and black mind were designed to form basically different types of society suited to different conditions.” [6]

Reasons for starting White America

Jobling started White America because he became disillusioned with American Renaissance and other race realist publications, all of which he found too accommodating to the radical antisemitism that pervades the American racial right. Jobling believes the race realist movement's failure to denounce antisemitism is one of the major reasons why it has never gained popularity among the American public.[7] Jobling has been critical of David Duke,[8] an antisemite, and Kevin B. MacDonald,[9] a critic of Jewish influence on American culture.

Views expressed on the website

The “whites as cancer” myth

Jobling argues that central idea of the age that we live is the “whites as cancer” myth. The term, which is derived from Susan Sontag's 1967 declaration, “The white race is the cancer of human history,” refers to the assumption that whites are the only racist race and that white racism and imperialism are the major cause of the world's suffering. Jobling believes that what really distinguishes whites from other races is their capacity for accomplishment and compassion. Hence, the “whites as cancer” myth paints an Inverted World in which the race of compassion and accomplishment becomes the race of oppression and destruction.[10]

Race realism

Jobling believes that modern civilization is based on the “lie of racial egalitarianism.” Race is not merely a social construct; rather, racial differences are rooted in genes. Whites possess higher intelligence and providence than blacks and Hispanics, which causes the races to differ in rates of educational achievement, out-of-wedlock births, and crime.[11][12]

Uniqueness of Western culture

Jobling believes that Western culture is the product of whites' distinctive genetic endowment and cannot survive in a majority non-white society. The essential traits of Western culture are an orientation towards truth, the rule of law, individualism, pluralism, and tolerance. [13][14] He has also argued whites have a unique capacity for humility.[15]

White Activism

Jobling wants to create a white activist organization that would lobby for the interests of American whites.[16]

Dispute with Jared Taylor

Jobling has criticized Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance and Jobling's former employer, for failing to condemn Holocaust denial and other manifestations of antisemitism on the racial right.[17] These criticisms led to a dispute with Taylor on The Inverted World.

Taylor posted a statement on the issue on the American Renaissance website. "I understand that estimates of the death toll range from four to six million," he said. "To imply that I somehow doubted the Holocaust itself, is not only absurd but malicious."[18]

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