Village ibillin

Village of I'billin, 2007

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District North
Government Local council
Hebrew אעבלין
Arabic إعبلين
Population 11,000 (2006)
Area 18000 dunams (18 km2; 6.9 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°49′20.64″N 35°11′31.77″E / 32.8224°N 35.1921583°E / 32.8224; 35.1921583Coordinates: 32°49′20.64″N 35°11′31.77″E / 32.8224°N 35.1921583°E / 32.8224; 35.1921583

I'billin (Hebrew: אעבלין‎, Arabic: إعبلين‎) is a local council in the Northern District of Israel. In December 2006, the population was 11,000.


The village existed in ancient times. It is mentioned in the Talmud and the Mishna under the name "Avlayim". During the Crusades, the village was named "Beit Abelin". The village is sacred to local Catholics, as Mariam Baouardy was born there in 1846. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 13th November 1983.[1]Akilla Aga, a Bedouin ruler of the area is buried in the village, as well as the family of Dhaher el-Omar. 'Ibillin was granted municipal status in 1960. The municipality's area is 18,000 dunams.



New Catholic church in I'billin

The annual population growth rate was 0.8%. Most of the residents are Arab Israelis; 51.1% of whom are Muslim and 48.9% Christian. The economic status of the population is much lower than average. The proportion of high school students who achieve a passing grade at the matriculation exams is 50.0% (2000). The mean income was NIS 3,539 (over the year 2000), as compared to a national average of NIS 6,835.


In 1965 Abuna Elias Chacour, a Palestinian from Kafr Bir'im who later became the Archbishop of Galilee, arrived as a young priest. He saw the lack of educational opportunities for Arab youth beyond the 8th grade, and he set about creating a school open to all local children, regardless of religious affiliation. This developed into the Mar Elias Educational Institutions.

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