Howwarah Checkpoint (Arabic: حاجز حوارة‎) is the major checkpoint on one of the four main exits of Nablus city, it was established on October 2000 on the main road connecting Nablus and Ramallah city and it is named after the village of Howwarah and is located near the Howwarah military post.

In 2002, after Operation Defensive Shield, the Israel Defense Forces set opening times for the checkpoint: it was opened during daylight time (winter: 6:00 am-5:30pm, summer: 5:30 am-7:30 pm). On 23 March 2005, the opening times were extended until 11 pm.

All vehicles were required to have special permits and to be searched. It was open for pedestrians over 40 years old until October 2003. In November 2003 the age group was lowered to 35 years; in June 2004 to 30 years old; in December 2004 to 25 years old and in March 2005 to 20 years old.

The Israel Defense Forces close the Howwarah Checkpoint whenever a security alert is announced. During the past five years (as of April 2005) the checkpoint was closed for time ranges varying from 20 minutes to 7 days.

On March 24, 2004 Hussam Abdo (age 15) was caught wearing a suicide belt (photo: [1] after he was caught he was paraded in front of the media and jailed.

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