Hussein Ibrahim Issa (1947 – 2000) was a Palestinian activist for non violence and the founder of the Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem. Issa devoted his life to teaching peace, democracy and coexistence.


Issa, the son of a rich Palestinian farmer, was born in 1947. When he was two years old, his father died. The family's properties were confiscated by the newly founded state of Israel, and they were forced to relocate to the Deheishe Refugee Camp.

Despite the harsh conditions in which he lived and his violent surroundings, Issa became a nonviolent activist in 1970.

Issa graduated from Bethlehem University in 1980, with a Batchelor of Arts in Social Work and a Diploma of Education.

In 1984, he founded the Al-Amal Child Care Center. The center later evolved into the Hope Flowers School, the only school in Palestine to teach the philosophy of peace and democratic education.

Hussein Ibrahim Issa died of a heart disease at the age of 52 in an Israeli hospital.

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