Humane King Sutra an important Mahayana sutra, belonging to Mahayana Buddhism. The sutra especially teach kings to protect buddhism, the ten ground bodhisattva behaviours, the country and the other lives, and stop disasters. Mahayana buddhist often hold the Humane King Sutra Ceremonials.


There are two classical Chinese translations extant:

  • the 仁王護國般若波羅蜜經 Renwang Huguo Bore Boluomi Jing (trans. by Kumārajīva)[1].
  • the 仁王護國般若波羅蜜多經 Renwang Huguo Bore Boluomiduo Jing (trans. by Amoghavajra)[2]. Amogavajra translated the mantras.

The discovery of the Old Translated Inwanggyeong (구역인왕경;舊譯仁王經) in Gugyeol in the mid-70s contributed to Middle Korean studies.[3]


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