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Hugh Aycelin (1230, Billom - December 28, 1297, Rome) was a French Cardinal.


He entered the Order of Dominicans in his youth and became Master of Sacred Palace ca. 1286. Pope Nicholas IV created him Cardinal-Priest of S. Sabina in the consistory of May 16, 1288. In August 1294 he was promoted to the rank of Cardinal-Bishop of the suburbicarian see of Ostia, proper of the Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals. He presided over the papal conclave of 1294 and consecrated bishop of Rome the new Pope Boniface VIII on January 23, 1295.

He was buried in the basilica S. Sabina in Rome.


He was the author of numerous works in theology and commentaries on the Book of Proverbs and the Lamentations of Jeremiah.

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Latino Malabranca Orsini
Cardinal-bishop of Ostia
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