Hryhory Khomyshyn (Ukrainian: Григорій Хомишин) was a Ukrainian Greek Catholic bishop and martyr.

Khomyshyn was born on 25 March 1867 in the village of Hadynkivtsi, Ternopil District.[1] He graduated from the seminary and was ordained a priest on 18 November 1893.[2] He continued to study theology in Vienna from 1894-1899.[1] In 1902, Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky appointed Khomyshyn the rector of the seminary in Lviv.[2] In 1904, he was ordained bishop for Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk) in the St. George Cathedral. He was first arrested in 1939 by the NKVD. He was arrested again in April 1945, then was deported to Kiev. In prison, he was advised to renounce the Union of Brest, which he refused to do.[3] He died in the Lukyanivska Prison in Kiev on 17 January 1947.[1]

He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 27 June 2001.[1]


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uk:Хомишин Григорій

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