Howell Arthur Gwynne
Howell Arthur Gwynne.jpg
Born 3 September 1865(1865-09-03)
Kilvey, Wales, United Kingdom
Died 29 June 1950 (aged 84)
Occupation newspaper editor, author

Howell Arthur Keir Gwynne, CH (1865-1950) was a British author, newspaper editor of the London Morning Post since 1911. He answered to the owner, Countess of Bathurst, a.k.a. Lady Bathurst, control of the paper having passed, in 1908 to the Countess, Lilias, (1871-1965), wife of Seymour Henry Bathurst, 7th Earl Bathurst (1864-1943).


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Preceded by
Fabian Ware
Editor of the Morning Post
Succeeded by
Position abolished

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