Horomayri Monastery
Հոռոմայրի վանք
Basic information
Location Odzun, Lori Province,
Armenia Armenia
Geographic coordinates 41°02′06″N 44°37′41″E / 41.035039°N 44.628039°E / 41.035039; 44.628039Coordinates: 41°02′06″N 44°37′41″E / 41.035039°N 44.628039°E / 41.035039; 44.628039
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Architectural description
Architectural style Armenian
Armenia location map
Shown within Armenia

Horomayri Monastery (Armenian: Հոռոմայրի վանք) is a monastic complex located near village Odzun in the Lori Province of Armenia. It is easiest to get to the monastery from Alaverdi via the town's public transport. There are two main buildings that sit along the sheer canyon walls, part of the which is located at the top of the cliff, while the other is in the middle.

The walls of the canyon form one of the four walls of the structures. Another three-chambered chapel sits upon the top of the cliff. Within the monastic complex are caves, khachkars, and carvings that may be seen.


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