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Homosexual Gnostic describes the mentality of those attracted to same-sex partners. The homosexual Gnostic sees the world made without God's assistance. To them, the Bible is a total contradiction and man's destiny is freedom from God, free to be with whomever you choose.

Pope Benedict

The Pope gave a speech on natural law, which was reported on CNSNews, "Gays Unable to Accept Pope’s Defense of Environment and Nature’s Law." This like many of the Pope's speeches, sparked sharp criticism for gender equality advocates. "The Church must defend not only the earth, water and air as gifts of creation that belong to all. It must also defend the human person against its own destruction. What’s needed is something like a ‘human ecology,’ understood in the right sense. It’s not simply an outdated metaphysics if the church speaks of the nature of the human person as man and woman, and asks that this order of creation be respected," says the Pope. In addition, the pope went on to say that if people disregard this “order of creation,” it is self-destructive. “That which is often expressed and understood by the term ‘gender’ in the end amounts to the self-emancipation of the human person from creation and from the Creator,” and as a result “the human person lives against the truth, against the Creator Spirit." [1]

In defense of the Pope

Fr. Rutler, pontifical doctorate in sacred theology and a master of studies from Oxford University, said that homosexual activists and secular liberals do not understand the relationship between the human race and nature because they are essentially Gnostics, they see the natural world – the material world – as contrary to anything divine and “the result of energies other than God.” [2] Also, as a consequence, for example, homosexuals “do not see marriage as an essentially divine institution – they see it as a legal construction that can be changed at will,” “They see a Supreme Court changing the law on marriage and say it is valid. But from the point of natural law, it would be like saying the Supreme Court could repeal the law of gravity.” “The homosexual is a classic Gnostic,” he said, “because the homosexual does not understand how gender is intrinsic to God’s will for the human race. Male-ness and female-ness are not arbitrary categories.”


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