Holy Resurrection Monastery is a monastic community of men. Under the canon law of the Eastern Catholic Churches the brotherhood is a self governing (sui juris) monastery within the Romanian Catholic Eparchy of St George's in Canton, Ohio. The ruling hierarch is Bishop John Michael Botean; the abbot of the monastery is Archimandrite Nicholas (Zachariadis). The monastery is located in Newberry Springs, California.

Originally founded in 1995 with the blessing of Bishop George Kuzma of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Van Nuys, the monastery was transferred to the Romanian Catholic Church in 2005 at the monks' request and with the consent of the Holy See. Around the same time Bishop John Michael blessed the canonical establishment of Holy Theophany Monastery as a monastic community of nuns canonically dependent on Holy Resurrection. The Abbot of Holy Resurrection Monastery is the spiritual father for the nuns of Holy Theophany Monastery which is located in Olympia, Washington.

These communities are committed to a revival of traditional Eastern Christian monastic life within the Catholic Church. Among other things, they follow the traditional liturgical and fasting regulations of the Byzantine tradition, shared with most Eastern Orthodox churches. They follow the traditional degrees of Eastern Orthodox monasticism. As of September 2007, Holy Resurrection Monastery comprises four stavrophore monks (including the abbot) and one rassaphore. Holy Theophany comprises three stavrophore nuns and one rassaphore.

The monastery is especially dedicated to ecumenism with non-Catholics, especially the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches.

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