Holiness Tabernacles are a Christian denomination within Protestantism, which has resulted from the Holiness renewal of the 19th century. The Holiness Churches Eglise Evangelique d'Haiti, Evangelical Church of Vietnam and Eglise Evangelique du Laos are among the largest Christian churches in their respective countries. Among the Holiness Churches of India are the United Missionary Church of India, the Undenominational Church of the Lord in India, the Free Methodist Church of India, Wesleyan Church of India and the Metropolitan Church Association. Holiness Churches have millions of adherents worldwide.

Holiness churches can be either Pentecostal or non-Pentecostal (Wesleyan) in belief and practice. They are predominantly independent congregations, usually in more rural areas, but are interconnected through camp meetings and support of evangelists. States with the highest concentrations of both kinds of Holiness Churches are Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. The Church of God with Signs Following is a term applied to Pentocostal Holiness Churches which engage in the practice of snake handling and the drinking of poison (commonly strychnine) in religious ceremonies.

da:Hellighedko:신성 (종교)ja:ホーリネス教会

no:Hellighetfi:Pyhä sv:Helig yi:הייליגקייט

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