Hof HaCarmel Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית חוף הכרמל‎, Mo'atza Azorit Hof HaKarmel, lit. Carmel Coast Regional Council) is a regional council located in the northern Israeli coastal plain. The council serves a large area, from Tirat HaCarmel in the north to Caesarea in the south. Its offices are located in Ein HaCarmel to the south of Haifa. The Chairman of the council is Carmel Sela. It's Zonal Engineer is the Architect Daniel Senerman.


The boundaries of the council are:

In the center of the council area are the towns of Binyamina, Zikhron Ya'aqov, Fureidis and Jisr az-Zarqa.


Hof HaCarmel regional council contains many different types of settlements, including eight kibbutzim, ten moshavim and two communal settlements. Most of the land in the Hof HaCarmel region is owned and leased by the Israel Land Administration.



Communal settlements

Other villages


  • Yemin-Orde
  • Zvi Sitrin village
  • Meir Shafia (youth village)
  • Matal Hof Hacarmel - an educational therapeutic center established in 1990 by the Board of Education and Hof Hacarmel Regional Council to deal with comprehensive diagnostic and therapy of children with special needs.

Sister regions

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Coordinates: 32°36′N 35°00′E / 32.6°N 35°E / 32.6; 35ca:Costa del Carmel

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