Basic information
Location near Kurtan, Lori Province,
Armenia Armenia
Geographic coordinates 40°57′11″N 44°35′03″E / 40.952953°N 44.58425°E / 40.952953; 44.58425Coordinates: 40°57′11″N 44°35′03″E / 40.952953°N 44.58425°E / 40.952953; 44.58425
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Architectural description
Architectural style Armenian
Year completed 7th-12th century
Armenia location map
Shown within Armenia

Hnevank (Armenian: Հնեվանք, meaning old monastery) is a 7th-12th century Armenian Apostolic Church monastery, located near the village of Kurtan in the Lori Province of Armenia. The monastery is situated on a hill within a gorge, near where the Dzoraget and Gargar rivers join.

The monastery was entirely rebuilt by lord Smbat of the House of Orbelian, a branch of the Liparitids who were expelled to Armenia in the late 12th century from Georgia. Liparitids were themselves a branch of the Mamikonians. Smbat was the ancestor of the Armenian princes of Syunik. A Georgian inscription around the drum attests his name. The monastery has a gavit and various service buildings scattered around the site. The government of Armenia has recently begun renovating the monastery. The collapsed dome of the main church has been restored entirely.

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