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Hebrew חַסְפִּין, חיספין
Founded 1978
Council Golan
Region Golan Heights
Coordinates 32°50′41.64″N 35°47′33.36″E / 32.8449°N 35.7926°E / 32.8449; 35.7926Coordinates: 32°50′41.64″N 35°47′33.36″E / 32.8449°N 35.7926°E / 32.8449; 35.7926

Hispin (Hebrew: חיספין‎), also Haspin (Hebrew: חַסְפִּין‎) is an Israeli settlement located in the southern Golan Heights. It was built in 1978. It falls under the municipal jurisdiction of the Golan Regional Council.

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