In Greek mythology, Hippomedon was one of the Seven Against Thebes and father of Polydorus.[1][2][3]

His father was either Talaus, the father of Adrastus, or Aristomachus (son of Talaus),[3] or Mnesimachus.[4] If he is the son of Mnesimachus, then his mother is Metidice, daughter of Talaus,[4] which makes him Adrastus's sister's son.[5]

He lived either at Mycenae or near the lake Lerna in Peloponessus. In Aeschylus' tragedy Seven Against Thebes, Hippomedon is one of the seven champions who attack the seven gates of Thebes. Aeschylus describes him as very large and powerful. He bears a fire-breathing typhon on his shield and attacks the gate of Athena Onca, but is killed in the battle by Ismarus.


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