Hippolochus (Greek: Ἱππόλοχος) was a |Macedonian writer, a student of Theophrastus, who addressed to his fellow-student Lynceus of Samos a description of a wedding feast in Macedon in the early 3rd century BCE. The bridegroom was a certain Caranus, probably a relative of the Caranus who had been a companion of Alexander the Great. The letter survives because it is quoted at length by Athenaeus in the Deipnosophistae.

Hippolochus (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Hippolochus was the name of a son of Bellerophon and Philonoe. He was brother of Isander and Laodamia. He was also father or stepfather of Glaucus II (not to be confused with Glaucus, who was the father or stepfather of Bellerophon).


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