Hinduism is a minor religion in Slovenia.

The Hindu Religious Community (Hinduistična Verska Skupnost v Sloveniji)in Slovenia is registered in 2003 at Derceva ulica 41, Ljubljana [1].

The Other Hindu Organisations are Hare Krishna, Yoga in Daily Life, Sri Chinmoy Mission and Ananda Marga.

Hare Krishna in Slovenia

Hare Krishna (SKUPNOST ZA ZAVEST KRISNE) was registered in Slovenia in 1983 [2]

Hare Krishna has a Centre at Ljubljana, Slovenia, Zibertova 27, 1000

Hare Krishna in Slovenia has agreement with the state, and have received about 1,500 Euros (12,587 Norwegian Kroner or 1,806 US Dollars) from the [Slovenian] state WWRNews

Yoga in Daily Life in Slovenia

Yoga in Daily Life has 9 Centres in Slovenia. They are:

  • Centre 1- Ljubljana, P.P. 2932, 1001 Ljubljana,
  • Centre 2- Maribor, Ruska 104, 2000 Maribor
  • Centre 3- Kranj, Skofjeloska 18, 4000 Kranj
  • Centre 4- Drustvo Yoga v Vsakdanjem Zivljenju - Novo Mesto, Presernov Trg 8, 8000 Novo Mesto
  • Centre-5- Drustvo Yoga v Vsakdanjem Zivljenju - Domzale, Miklosiceva 2b, 1230 Domzale
  • Centre 6- Yoga Center Celje, Kasaze 88, 3000 Petrovce
  • Centre 7- Yoga in Daily Life - Koper, Kidriceva 44, 6000 Koper
  • Centre 8- Drustvo Yoga v Vsakdanjem Zivljenju - Nova Gorica, Cankarjeva st. 30, 5000 Nova Gorica
  • Centre 9- Drustvo Yoga v Vsakdanjem Zivljenju - Skofja Loka, Demsarjeva 7, 4220 Skofja Loka

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