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Hinduism is a minor religion in Sierra Leone.

Hindus in Sierra Leone are mainly traders.

Freetown, the capital and principal city of Sierra Leone, has a larger Hindu community, including a Hindu association and a priest.

Hindus are allowed cremation in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

ISKCON has a centre in Sierra Leone. Address- Freetown, Sierra Leone -13 Bright St., Brookfields (mail: P.0. Box 812, Freetown)

Brahma Kumaris has a Centre in Sierra Leone. Address- Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre, No 1 Small Waterloo Street, Free Town

Indian Community in Sierra leone

Following exodus of expatriates in 1999, the Indian community numbers have dwindled to about 100, mostly businessmen of Sindhi origin.

The Indian Mercantile Association and Community Centre is no more functional.

There is a functional Hindu Temple in FreetownIndian Community in Sierra leone

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