Hinduism in Serbia and Montenegro is represented by Hare Krishnas, Shri Chinmoy Mission, and Vedanta Society.

Hindu Humanitarian Societies like Transcendental Meditation and Brahma Kumaris are also active in Serbia and Montenegro.

Hare Krishnas in Serbia and Montenegro

Hare Krishna has a Centre in Belgrade, Serbia.

ISKCON was registered as a religious community in Serbia since 1989 WWRNews

ISKCON’s Reply to Religious Freedom Survey, Serbia, August 2004

Atmabhy das (Aleksandar Peric), representative of the Hare Krishna community in Serbia and Montenegro, told Forum 18 on 3 August from Kladovo, in eastern Serbia that "Hare Krishnas consider the attempt to have a religion law a very good development".

However, Atmabhy das said that some proposals are not really good, for instance the proposed requirement for a minimum of 1,000 believers before a new religious association can be registered. He said that Hare Krishnas have never been consulted about any issues in this country, and they have not even been sent this draft bill [1]

ISKCON’s Food for Life

Leland Montell On behalf of International Rescue Committee (IRC), complimented the efforts of FOOD FOR LIFE in providing fresh fruit, vegetables, and prepared meals to some of the most vulnerable groups in Serbia.

Transcendental Meditation in Serbia and Montenegro

The Transcendental Meditation (TM), is a humanitarian organisation in Serbia and Montenegro with various activities, and it counts 40,000 followers and sympathisers. The Transcendental Meditation’s "Palace of Peace" in Belgrade, offers : • "natural plant remedies to strengthen immunity", • "transcendental meditation for well-being and prosperity, with a Vedic approach", • "safeguarding against problems using astrology", • science, knowledge, classes and training. • "dietetic products for mental and physical well-being". • "The Palace of Peace – the surest way of gaining psychological richness".

World wide, TM has "a global association for Ayurvedic medicine at the Maharishi Vedic University in Flotrope, Holland". TM’s Pharmacological Program has over 200 laboratories with its "Institute for Natural Law". They make products for women, men, students and children. They have a whole range of medicines, toning lotions and, amongst other things, anti-ageing products. The gurus even know how to prepare cancer remedies, and they know the formula for "children's brain tonus". They can treat headaches and dysmenorrhea, they treat sexual impotence, diabetes mellitus or haemorrhoids. A dose of "miracle medicine" against AIDS, you would have to fork out €500. According to the catalogue, over 100 medicines are available to customers in Serbia.

31 July 2003 - Advertisement in NIN magazine portrayed members of minority religious communities in Serbia in a derogatory and demeaning way. Some leaders were named from the Hare Krishna and Transcendental Meditation [2]

Sanatan – Society for Scientific Spirituality" in Serbia and Montenegro

"Sanatan – Society for Scientific Spirituality" was registered as a citizens’ association in Serbia and Montenegro in 2002.

It has its origins in India. Its mission is to spread ‘Sanatan Dharma’ which means Spirituality in its purest form according to Vedic scriptures in a modern contemporary manner. The organisation has branches in many countries across the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates etc.

The organisation dissolved its activities in June 2003 after opposition from local residents. The reason for opposition was unknown. [3]

Shri Chinmoy Mission in Serbia and Montenegro

Shri Chinmoy Mission has Centres in Belgrade, Bor, Kikinda, Krusevac, Nis, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Subotica and Zrenjanin.

Vedanta Society in Serbia and Montenegro

Vedanta Society has two Centres, one in Belgrade and the other in Montenegro.

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