There is relatively little history of active practice of Hinduism in Portugal. Presently there is a Hindu community of approximately 7,000 persons, which largely traces its origins to Indians who emigrated from the former Portuguese colonies of Lusophone Africa, particularly from Mozambique, and from the former colony of Goa and other possessions in Portuguese India[1].

Hindus in Portugal are, according to the Indian Embassy in Lisbon mainly Gujaratis (Gujarati is taught at the Hindu Community Cultural Centre, in Lisbon), Punjabis and Goan Hindus. The majority of the Hindus live in the capital city, Lisbon. A known member of the community is the politician Narana Coissoró.

Timeline of arrival of Hindus in Portugal


  • Who came from Mozambique after 1974, following the end of Portuguese rule.
  • Who came from India in the 1980’s and 1990’s and are still coming.


  • Who came to Portugal exactly after 1961, following the end of Portuguese rule.
  • Who came from Mozambique after 1974, following the end of Portuguese rule.
  • Who came to Portugal as late as 1990’s taking advantage of Portugal’s liberal immigration policy *Granting of nationality to kith and kin of people who where Portuguese subjects. This migratory movement is still on.

Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  • Who came to Portugal after 1954 or 1961, following the end of Portuguese rule, or little before.
  • The later entrants.

Punjabis – a recent phenomena.

Hindu organisation in Portugal

The "Hindu Community of Portugal" (Portuguese: Comunidade Hindu de Portugal), a Hindu organization, was founded in 1982[2]. There is also a Hindu temple, called Templo Hindu Radha Krishna, located at the Mahatma Gandhi alameda in Lisbon.

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