In Norway 0.50% of the total population are Hindus, of South Asian descent and around 75% of those are Tamil Hindus from Sri Lanka.

Ethnic Background of Hindus in Norway

Diaspora Hindus in Norway include Tamil Families, Punjabi families, U.P families, Gujaratis and Bengalis.

Among the Sri Lankan Tamils, Hindus constituted a large number, around 5000-7000 persons.

Hindu Associations in Norway

Sanatan Mandir Sabha is a Hindu religious association in eastern Norway with around 900 members.

The Sanatan Mandir Sabha SMS was registered on April 14, 1988.

Gujaratis had formed a Gujarati cultural association in the Oslo area.

Tamil Cultural center for children who were born in or who have immigrated to Norway exists in Norway. This center has the following activities: 1) Teaching Tamil, 2) Teaching religion (Hinduism and Christianity), 3) Promoting drama, dance, music and sports.

Hindus Temples in Norway

Sanatan Mandir Sabha Temple is located at Slemmestad, outside of Oslo.

Main Festival of Hindus of Norway

Diwali is celebrated in Norway.

Hindus in Norway, mainly Tamil Hindus from Sri Lanka, celebrate the 12 day annual temple festival, the Mahotsav of which processions is the main feature. It is the main annual ritual gathering of the Tamil Hindus in Norway.

Hindu Organisations in Norway

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is registered in Norway.

ISKCON has a Centre in Norway Address- Oslo, Norway, Jonsrudvej 1G, 0274, Oslode presence.

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