The Indians were brought here by the British in the last century to help construct a railway line between Malawi and Mozambique. They stayed behind to run retail businesses which they monopolized for decades.

Asians here still hold British citizenship despite a 1992 immigration law allowing them to seek local citizenship.

Hindus in Malawi

International Religious Freedom Report 2006, Malawi states that there is a small Hindu Minority in Malawi.

Nationally, 3.1 percent of the population reported following a religion other than Islam or Christianity. The "other religion" category would include Hinduism and African traditional beliefs. However in the case of the latter, the reported numbers appear quite low [1]

Hindu Associations in Malawi

Malawi Hindu Association

Brahma Kumaris has a Raja Yoga Centre at Trikum Mansion 1st Floor, PO Box 476, Blantyre.

Education for Hindus

Many Public schools offer a course entitled "Bible Knowledge," which is Christian oriented, and another entitled "Moral and Religious Education," which includes Muslim, Hindu, Baha'i, and Christian material. Both courses are voluntary International Religious Freedom Report 2006, Malawi

Languages Spoken by Hindus

Gujarati, Sindhi and Bengali are the Main languages of Hindus in Malawi.

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