The Hindu community in France consists of some long-time residents and many recent immigrants. Although Hinduism does not constitute a large proportion of the population it appears to be growing rapidly; the current Hindu population of France is 121,312, 0.2% of the nation's population, up from an estimated 50,000 in 1993 [1].

It is the third largest in Europe, after those of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.[2]

Notable French Hindus

Ganesh Paris 2004 DSC08471

Celebrations of Ganesh by the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Paris, France

French people who were Hindus or were influenced by Hinduism include Victor Cousin, Alexandra David-Néel, Paul Gauguin, René Guénon, Jules Michelet, Mirra Richard, Romain Rolland, Satprem, Paul Verlaine, and Voltaire.

Hinduism in French overseas territories

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  • "How Hinduism Fares in Europe " in Hinduism Today International (Aug., 1993, Vol. 15, No. 8)

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