Hinduism is a minority religion in Belgium.

Hinduism is spread to Belgium mainly by ISKCON and Brahma Kumaris.

Hinduism in Belgium

There are around 6,500 Hindus in Belgium which includes 1,500 Hare Krishnas and 5,000 other Hindus[1].

Indian Community in Belgium

There are about 7,000 persons of Indian origin in Belgium.

The average per capita income of Belgium is US$ 23,861. While the per capita income of the Indian community is not available, they are mainly to be found in the professional and more prosperous sections of society. Indians are employed in Software, the Diamond business and a few local industries in cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Liege.

A section of immigrants from Palanpur district in Gujarat had entered the port city of Antwerp to work with the Jewish communityin the diamond business, and eventually started their own.

The Antwerp Indians still form a very tightly knit group and actively celebrate Indian festivals.

Indian Software companies like Aricent, HCL, TCS and Infosys have a presence in Belgium while Indian Software Professionals are in great demand by multinationals like Swift, Compaq and Alcatel. The professional Indians in Belgium represent the modern, youthful face of India.

Some Farm labourers and Shop-hands, mainly immigrants from North India have also managed to enter Belgium illegally [1]

Indian Associations in Belgium

Despite the small size of the community there are several Indian cultural associations. The leading ones are Bhartiya Samaj, Antwerp India Association, Indo-Belgian Association (Gent), Brussels Puja Committee and Shanti Darshan.

The Hindu Forum of Belgium - HFB or FHB - was created by Hindu organisations in Belgium. It was launched on the 16th of March 2007 in Brussels

The Indian community enjoys good relations with the local population. Due to their small size they are not politically active. The Indian community is law abiding.

A handful of Indians work in the financial institutions based in Luxembourg, which boasts an Indian Association. As in the Netherlands, Belgians regularly adopt children from India [2]

There are about 250 families engaged in diamond trade in Antwerp. Many of the other Indians living in Belgium are professionals employed with either multinational companies or other professional organisations Indian community in Belgium

ISKCON in Belgium

ISKCON Belgium has centres in Antwerp, Septon and Gent. An Iskcon Temple is located in Radhadesh, Belgium.

ISKCON Centres in Belgium

ISKCON has seven centres in Belgium. They are

Centre 1- ISKCON, Antwerpen, Belgium

Centre 2- Local Get-together Program, Gent, Belgium

Centre 3- Local Get-together Program, Gent, Belgium

Centre 4- Bhaktivedanta College, Septon-Durbuy, Belgium Hindu Vaishnava university in Belgium

Centre 5- Bhaktivedanta Library Services (BLS), Septon-Durbuy, Belgium

Centre 6- Govinda's Radhadesh, Septon-Durbuy, Belgium

Centre 7- ISKCON Radhadesh, Septon-Durbuy, Belgium

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