Early Indian immigrants to Austria were mainly nurses from Kerala, who maintained their links with their homeland. Some Indian professionals in the UN settled down in Austria. There is a small community from rural Punjab, whose members graduated from odd jobs to later become successful businessmen. Some Indians acquired Austrian citizenship by claiming refugee status [1]

Hindu groups in Austria

Hinduism in Austria is represented by Hindu Religious Community, Hare Krishna, Brahma Kumaris, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission, Osho movement, Sahaja Yoga, Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy Mission and Transcendental Meditation.

Indians in Austria

There are 3,005 PIOs and 8,940 NRIs in Austria.

The Indian community as a percentage of a population of 8 million at around 12,000 is just 0.15%.

There are two Gurudwaras and one temple in Austria [2]

Hinduism in Austria

The Hindu Religious Community is one among the eleven religious groups that constitute confessional communities according to the Austrian Law IRF 2008

The last taken Census of Austria which was on 2001 reported that Hindu Religious Community alone has 3,629 Members 2001 census of Austria

Other Hindu groups found in the country included Hare Krishna, the Osho movement, Sahaja Yoga, Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy Mission and Transcendental Meditation IRF 2006

ISKCON Centres in Austria

ISKCON has three Centres in Austria.

Centre 1- East of Eden, Wien, Austria

Centre-2- Govinda, Wien, Austria

Centre 3- ISKCON Center for Vedic Studies, Wien, Austria

Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission in Austria

The Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mission has established a mandir in Vienna, which has a yearly Krishna Janmaashtami festival that attracts many, including mainstream Hindu observers.

Elder Vaishnavas from different missions, from local preachers throughout Central Europe to Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaj himself, are frequently invited to speak.

Brahma Kumaris in Austria

Brahma Kumaris has three Centres in Austria

Centre 1- Main centre -Institute for Raja Yoga, Helblingasse 9 / 1, Vienna 1170 Centre 2- Raja Yoga Center Graz, Babenbergerstr.58, Graz 8020 Centre 3- Treietstr.20A, Rankweil, 6830

Yoga in Daily Life Ashram and Centres in Austria

“20-Years in Austria--Yoga in Daily Life," was held in Vienna in 1996.

Madhvanandaji, holy guru of Paramhans Swami Maheshwaranandaji of the Austrian-Indian Yoga-Vedanta Society, blessed the audience and activities of Yoga in Daily Life. [Refer Hinduism Today July 1996]

Yoga in Daily Life has 6 Ashram/ Centres in Austria.

Centre-1, International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram, Schikanedergasse 12/13, A -1040 Wien

Centre-2, International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram, Trubelgasse 17-19, 1030 Wien

Centre-3, Yoga in täglichen Leben - KLAGENFURT , Heuplatz 2, 9300 Klagenfurt

Centre-4, Yoga in täglichen Leben - LINZ , Waltherstraße 26, 4020 Linz

Centre-5, Yoga in täglichen Leben – SALZBURG, Stauffenstraße 17, 5020 Salzburg

Centre-6, Yoga in täglichen Leben – VILLACH, Hauptplatz 14/3, 9500 Villach

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