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Hindi wedding songs is a major genre of Bollywood songs[1]. They often from the backdrop of some very memorable emotional or joyful scenes in Hindi movies [2].

These songs are often played during Indian weddings[3][4].

File:Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya.gif

Traditional wedding music

In North Western India, shehnai is considered to be the musical instrument announcing a wedding procession (video search. Its South Indian counterpart is nadaswaram (video search). In North West India, a dhol drum is generally played.

Popular Hindi wedding songs

These are some of most memorable Hindi wedding songs from Hindi movies. Many of them are frequently quoted. Several of them have been rerecorded as remixes and some of them have inspired names of later Hindi movies. They are played during weddings and are often used to accompany dancing.

In addition there are many folk songs in several dialects[5][6] of Hindi regarding weddings; singing, specially by women, has been a tradition[7]. Many of the film songs were inspired by folk songs.


I have made her agree .. शादी के लिये रज़ामंद कर ली


Keep her ready with mahendi .. मेंहदी लगा के रखना
This mahendi will color you (forever).. मेंहदी है रचने वाली


My banno's ( bride to be) baraat will arrive .. मेरी बन्नो की आयेगी बरात
The barat of my lord will come .. राजा की आयेगी बरात
My dear sister will be a bride .. मेरी प्यारी बहनिया बनेगी दुल्हनिया

Barat arrival

Also see Hindi dance songs

They will come and take her .. ले जायेंगे, ले जायेंगे
Today, my friend is getting married .. आज मेरे यार की शादी है
O spring breeze, sprinkle flowers .. बहारो फूल बरसाओ

Harassing the baratis

OK, take the money, now give back the shoes .. जूते दे दो पैसे लेलो
Sasural is like marigold flowers ..ससुराल गेंदा फूल

This is an example of the songs that ridicules the baraatis, for example "Jodi Ye Jachdi Nai video" in Gadar 2001.

Bridal singer

My bindi will shine .. बिंदिया चमकेगी
Your eyes dark with kajal .. कजरा रे [9]
O my bright faced! ... ऐ मेरी ज़ोहरा जबीं
With stars wrapped around you .. बदन पे सितारे लपटे हुए
This face shining like the moon .. ये चाँद सा रोशन चेहरा
Are you full moon .. चौदहवीं का चांद हो

Making a commitment for life

When something will go wrong, ... keep me company .. जब कोई बात बिगड़ जाये
In your eyes, I am worthy of love .. आप की नज़रों ने समझा
If you promise to keep me company .. तुम अगर साथ देने का वादा करो
What you have promised, you will have to .. जो वादा किया वो निभाना पड़ेगा
O my compaion, what will be life without you .. ओ साथी रे
May I not take the road, where your home is not .. जिस गली में तेरा घर

The phere

Until the seven rounds have been taken .. जब तक ना हों फेरे सात

The Joining

Sometimes I think, you were made for me .. कभी कभी मेरे दिल में
My beloved friend, so enticing .. मेरा यार दिलदार बड़ा सोणा
Don't look at me .. नैन सौं नैन नाही मिलाओ


मुबारक़ हो तुमको ये शादी तुम्हारी


Also see Babul

Take your daddy's belessings .. बाबुल की दुआएं लेती जा
The singer Rafi sang it with a personal perspective on the eve of his own daughter's wedding[10]
These lanes and squares, .. you will not come here again .. ये गलियां ये चौबारा
The bride leaves, wearing a three colored dress.. दुल्हन चली, ओ पहन चली तीन रंग की चोली
  • Pi Ke Ghar Aaj Pyari Dulhaniya Chali Mother India 1957 (video search)
  • Babul ka ye ghar behna ek dinka thikana hai Daata 1989 ([1]) बाबुल का ये घर बहना एक दिन का ठिकाना है
(Brother is saying to his sister in a sad mood) This father's home is just a day's stay, my sister.

Arrival of the newly weds

I have started to forget my daddy's country.. मैं तो भूल चली बाबुल का देस


I have nine bangles in each of my hands .. मेरे हाथों में नौ नौ चूड़ियां
The day has come, you will meet your beloved .. बालम से मिलन होगा
घूंघट नहीं खोलूंगी
  • Ye haseen vaadiyaan, ye khula aasmaan.. aagaye hum kahaan, ae mere jaanejaa.. Roja 1992 ([2])
ये हसीं वादियाँ.. ये खुला आसमाँ.. आगये हम कहाँ, ऐ मेरे जानेजा..

Together forever

Let there be a new house .. इक बँगला बने न्यारा
Come, my beloved, come .. चलो दिलदार चलो
Now my dreams and yours, ate the same color .. तेरे मेरे सपने, अब एक रंग हैं
When I will be 60, and you 55 ... हम जब होंगे साठ साल के
For many many eons, both of us .. हम तुम युग युग से


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