Hind Khoury (Arabic:هند خوري), born 12 June 1953) is a Palestinian economist. Since March 2006, she has been the delegate general of the Palestine Liberation Organization in France, succeeding Leila Shahid.


Born in Bethlehem, West Bank, then under Jordanian rule, to a Christian family, Khoury was educated in a school run by nuns. She studied economics at Birzeit University near Ramallah, then at the American University of Beirut before the start of the Lebanese Civil War. She then returned to Bethlehem and married an architect with whom she has three children.

After the First Intifada, she studied management at Boston University in its Beersheba campus, while working with the United Nations Development Programme.

In March 2005, she became Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian National Authority, in the government formed shortly after the election of Mahmoud Abbass to the presidency. Little known, she did not succeed in the legislative elections of January 2006. She was later sent to France as a representative of Palestine.

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