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Saint Hildegund (widow)
Born ~1130, Germany
Died 1183
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 6 February

Saint Hildegund (c. 1130-1178) was a Praemonstratensian abbess. Born to nobility, her father was Count Herman of Lidtberg and her mother Countess Hedwig[1]. Hildegund would later marry Count Lothair, and would go on to have three children. When her husband died, Hildegund took a pilgrimage to Rome. On her return in 1178, she converted her castle in Neer, near Cologne, Germany, into a convent, serving as the first abbess[2]. Her daughter Blessed Hadewych of Meer also entered the convent.[3] Her son Saint Hermann Joseph was a Praemonstratensian monk and mystic.

Saint Hildegund should not be confused with Hildegund (virgin), a 12th century cross-dresser who is sometimes described as a saint (feast day April 20).


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