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Herman Bavinck (1854-1921), a Dutch Reformed theologian, was a contemporary of Abraham Kuyper and B. B. Warfield, both of whom he knew well. He graduated magna cum laude in 1880 from Leiden with a double major in Systematic Theology and Old Testament. His doctoral dissertation was on the concept of the State in Zwingli's theology. Bavinck taught at the Theological Seminary in Kampen, Holland - where he also pastored - before accepting the position of professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. He is best known for his magnum opus, Reformed Dogmatics (Gereformeerde Dogmatiek, in 4 volumes). Bavinck is one of the most balanced and solidly Reformed theologians Holland ever produced.


Bavinck introduced the notion of organic inspiration of the Scriptures and also developed a solution to the infra/supralapsarian conundrum. Although Bavinck passed away in 1921, he remains a powerful force in Reformed theology. Several important Reformed theologians owe large debts to his work, including Cornelius Van Til and Louis Berkhof.

Selected publications

  • Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 1 Prolegomena. Baker Academic, 2003. ISBN 0801026326
  • Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 2 God and Creation. Baker Academic, 2004. ISBN 0801026555
  • Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 3 Sin And Salvation in Christ. Baker Academic, 2006. ISBN 0801026563
  • Reformed Dogmatics, vol. 4: Holy Spirit, Church, and New Creation. Baker Academic, 2008. ISBN 0801026571
  • Essays on Religion, Science, and Society. Baker Academic, 2008. ISBN 0801032415
  • Saved by Grace: The Holy Spirit's Work in Calling and Regeneration. Reformation Heritage Books, 2008. ISBN 1601780524
  • The Philosophy of Revelation. Wipf & Stock, 2003. ISBN 1592443923
  • Doctrine of God. Banner of Truth, 1996. ISBN 0851512550
  • Our Reasonable Faith: A Survey of Christian Doctrine. Wipf & Stock, 2002. ISBN 1592440231

Further reading

  • Richard Gaffin, God’s Word in Servant Form: Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck and the Doctrine of Scripture. Reformed Academic Press, 2008. ISBN 9780980037005
  • Eric D. Bristley, Guide to the Writings of Herman Bavinck. Reformation Heritage Books, 2008. ISBN 9781601780546

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