In Egyptian mythology, Hemen was a falcon–god, worshipped in Hefat[1], who was depicted during the Old Kingdom as slaying hippopotami, and other symbolic forces of chaos.

Hemen is mentioned in a limited number of inscriptions and texts. Some of these include:

  • Ankhtifi, a monarch dated to the first intermediate period, is shown inspecting a fleet, killing a hippopotamus in Hefat during festivities and offering the hippopotamus to Hemen.[2]
  • The chief sculptor Userhat who lived at the end of the 18th dyansty / beginning 19th dynasty mentions "causing cult statues to rest in their shrine". Hemen of Hefat is one of the gods listed among those Userhat was responsible for.[3]
  • In the 22nd dynasty Hemen of Hefat is mentioned as an oracle. A man named Ikeni appears before Hemen in Hefat and the god says "Ikeni is right! He paid (etc.)".[4].
  • Taharqa is shown before the god Hemen in a statue which is now in the Louvre.
  • In ca 300 BCE Hemen's cult is still active as attested by an inscription of an official named Hornefer.[5]


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