Hebrew Institute of Boro Park (HIBP, also known as "Yeshivas Etz Chaim" [1] was the first Jewish Day School in Boro Park.


It was the first yeshiva in Boro Park [2], located at 5000 13th Avenue [3].

The school, which was founded in 1916 [4] lasted for about 6 decades.

When it was most successful, it had 3 parallel classes through grade 6 and 2 parallel classes for grades 7 & 8 [5]. The loss of a class was partly due to those parents who subsequently sent their sons to (public) Junior High School.

In the mid to late 1960s this was still the situation. The end was relatively rapid, going from approximately 600 students mid 1960s to an estimated 200 students by 1970.


  • Max Kufeld, 1st English Principal [6]
  • Mrs. Bella Nemiroff, (unofficial) English Principal
  • Rabbi Carlin (principal 196? - 1977)
  • Rabbi Akiva Wadler (1978 - final year of the school)

Other Yeshivas

Although when the Yeshiva closed, the area was becoming much more Chasidic, the area included 2 other well known long-time non-Chasidic schools. Down the block from Etz Chaim was a girls school, Shulamith [7] and, 7 blocks away, another boys school, Toras Emes [8].

These schools moved to Flatbush, unlike Etz Chaim, which closed.


  1. alt. spelling "Etz Hayim"
  5. e.g. 47 graduates, two 8th grade classes, 1953:
  6. p. 234, Jews of Brooklyn, by Ilana Abramovitch and Sean Galvin, which includes his picture and, on the following 2 pages, photos of the building

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