See entry for Eber, (great-grandson of Noah's son Shem and the father of Peleg and Joktan, sometimes also known as "Heber" in English.)

Heber may be:

Religious traditions

  • One of the Minor characters in the Book of Genesis
  • Heber the Kenite, mentioned in the Book of Judges 4:17 of the Hebrew Bible as Jael's husband
  • "Heber" (Hebrew spelling עבר), found once in Luke in the New Testament, referring to Eber of the Old Testament
  • The Islamic prophet Hud (prophet) (`Abir), also called Heber
  • According to some British traditions, the name of a people descending from Baath, the first son of Magog, who were supposed to have occupied the Iberian peninsula and Ireland (Hibernia) prior to arriving at their final destination in the Hebrides, leaving their name in each location
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