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A statue of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing

A health deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with health, healing and wellbeing. They may also be related to childbirth or Mother Goddesses. They are a common feature of polytheistic religions.

List of health deities

African mythology

  • Agwu, Igbo god of health and divination
  • !Xu, sky god of the Bushmen of southern Africa who is invoked in illness

Aztec mythology

Celtic mythology

  • Airmed, Irish goddess associated with healing and resurrection
  • Alaunus, Gaulish god of the sun, healing and prophecy associated with Greek god Helios-Apollo
  • Atepomarus, Gaulish healing god associated with the Greek god Apollo
  • Borvo, Celto-Lusitanian healing god associated with bubbling spring water
  • Brigid, Irish goddess associated with healing
  • Dian Cecht, Irish god of healing
  • Glanis, Gaulish god associated with a healing spring at the town of Glanum
  • Grannus, Gaulish god associated with spas, healing thermal and mineral springs, and the sun
  • Hooded Spirits, hooded deities associated with health and fertility
  • Ianuaria, goddess associated with healing
  • Iovantucarus, Gaulish healer-god and protector of youth associated with Lenus Mars
  • Lenus, Gaulish healing god associated with the Greek god Ares
  • Maponos, god of youth, associated with the Greek god Apollo
  • Mullo, Gaulish deity associated with the Greek god Ares and said to heal afflictions of the eye
  • Nodens, Gallo-Roman and Roman British god associated with healing, the sea, hunting and dogs
  • Sirona, Gallo-Roman and Celto-Germanic goddess associated with healing

Chinese mythology

  • Elder Zhang Guo, one of the Eight Immortals, whose wine was considered to have healing properties
  • Immortal Woman He, one of the Eight Immortals, whose lotus flower improves one's health, mental and physical
  • Iron-Crutch Li, one of the Eight Immortals, who alleviates the suffering of the poor, sick and needy with special medicine from his gourd
  • Wong Tai Sin, god with the power of healing

Egyptian mythology

  • Heka, deification of magic, through which Egyptians believed they could gain protection, healing and support
  • Serket, goddess of healing stings and bites
  • Ta-Bitjet, a scorpion goddess whose blood is a panacea for all poisons

Etruscan mythology

  • Fufluns, god of plant life, happiness and health and growth in all things
  • Menrva, goddess of war, art, wisdom and health

Greek mythology

  • Aceso, goddess of the healing of wounds and the curing of illness
  • Aegle, goddess of radiant good health
  • Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wild animals, the wilderness, childbirth, fertility, plague and good health
  • Apollo, god of music, poetry, prophecy, archery, healing, medicine and plague
  • Asclepius, god of medicine and healing
  • Chiron, a centaur known for his knowledge and skill in healing
  • Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth
  • Hygieia, goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation
  • Iaso, goddess of cures, remedies and modes of healing
  • Paeon, physician of the gods
  • Panacea, goddess of healing
  • Telesphorus, demi-god of convalescence, who "brought to fulfillment" recuperation from illness or injury

Hindu mythology

Dwanandhari Deva

The Hindu god of medicine and Lord of Ayurvedic medicine

Hittite mythology

  • Kamrusepa, goddess of healing, medicine, and magic
  • Shaushka, goddess of fertility, war, and healing

Inuit mythology

  • Eeyeekalduk, god of medicine and good health
  • Pinga, goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine

Japanese mythology

  • Ebisu, god of fishermen, good luck, and workingmen, and the guardian of the health of small children

Maya mythology

  • Ixchel, jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine

Mesopotamian mythology

Native American mythology

  • Kumugwe, Nuxalk underwater god with the power to see into the future, heal the sick and injured, and bestow powers on those whom he favors

Norse mythology

  • Eir, goddess associated with medical skill

Persian mythology

Phoenician mythology

Roman mythology

  • Angitia, snake goddess associated with healing
  • Bona Dea, goddess of fertility, healing, virginity, and women
  • Cardea, goddess of health, thresholds and door hinges and handles
  • Carna, goddess who presided over the heart and other organs
  • Endovelicus, god of public health and safety
  • Febris, goddess who embodied and protected people from fever and malaria
  • Pilumnus, nature deity who ensured children grew properly and stayed healthy
  • Vejovis, god of healing
  • Verminus, god who protected cattle from disease

Sami mythology

  • Beiwe, goddess of the sun, spring, fertility and sanity, who restored the mental health of those driven mad by the darkness of the winter

Slavic mythology

  • Żywie, goddess of health and healing

Thracian mythology

  • Derzelas, god of abundance and the underworld, health and human spirit's vitality

Yoruba and Afro-American mythology

  • Aja, spirit of the forest, the animals within it and herbal healers
  • Babalu Aye, spirit of illness and disease
  • Erinle, spirit of abundance, the healer, and patron of gay people
  • Loco, patron of healers and plants
  • Mami Wata, a pantheon of water spirits associated with healing and fertility
  • Sopona, god of smallpox


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