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Hazarmaveth is the third of thirteen sons of Joktan, who was a son of Eber, son of Shem in the table of the Sons of Noah in Genesis chapter 10 and 1 Chronicles chapter 1 in the Bible. This "Table of Nations" lists purported founders of neighboring ethnic groups or "nations".

Genesis 10:26 "...And Joktan hath begotten Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah..."

Hazarmaveth, also transcribed Hazarmaueth, means "dwelling of death" (Hitchcock's Bible Dictionary) and is composed of two parts in Hebrew: hazar/ḥaṣar ("dwelling" or "court") and maveth/mawet ("death"). (There are alternative systems for transliterating Hebrew into Latin letters.)

Scholars of Semitic languages have related the name to the ancient region of Hadramaut in the modern Southern Arabian nation of Yemen, and indeed, one of the other sons of Joktan is Sheba, the name of an ancient Southern Arabian kingdom. However, the etymology of Hadramaut may be from the Graeco-Roman period.

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