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Hayravank Monastery on the shores of Lake Sevan.

Basic information
Location Hayravank, Gegharkunik Province,
Geographic coordinates 40°25′58″N 45°06′28″E / 40.432728°N 45.107869°E / 40.432728; 45.107869Coordinates: 40°25′58″N 45°06′28″E / 40.432728°N 45.107869°E / 40.432728; 45.107869
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Armenia location map
Shown within Armenia

Hayravank Monastery (Armenian: Հայրավանք) is a 9th century Armenian monastery located near the village of Hayravank along the southwest shore of Lake Sevan in Armenia. The church has a quatrefoil cruciform central-plan with four semi-circular apses that intersect to create a space for the drum and dome to stand. The drum and dome at one point had disappeared completely, but were later restored.

To the northwest a short distance from the monastery, there are the remains of Bronze Age through medieval fortification walls and foundations of a settlement. Nearby are also two Iron Age tombs.



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