Hawk Nelson is a punk band hailing from Peterborough, Ontario. The band has become popular on the Christian music scene and also The Secular rock scene, and was voted "Favorite New Artist" by CCM Magazine in their February 2006 Reader's Choice Awards.

The band played independently in Ontario for a few years before they signed with Tooth & Nail Records, largely on the recommendation of Trevor McNevan, the lead singer of fellow Tooth & Nail band Thousand Foot Krutch. McNevan, also from Peterborough, is credited with discovering the band. In July of 2004, Hawk Nelson released their major label debut Letters to the President. It was produced by Aaron Sprinkle and McNevan, who also co-wrote nine of the album's fourteen songs. They won GMA Canada Covenant Award [1] for Modern Rock/Alternative Album of the Year in 2006.

The band has achieved some success in the mainstream as well. They portrayed The Who on an episode of the NBC drama American Dreams, and they recorded a song named "Bring 'Em Out" for the 2005 motion picture Yours, Mine, and Ours. "Things We Go Through" from Letters to the President was also featured in Yours, Mine, and Ours.

In October of 2005, the band re-released Letters to the President, with new material including their cover of The Who's My Generation, three acoustic versions of some of their hits, and a limited edition cover.

The band released their second studio album, titled Smile, It's The End of the World, on April 4th, 2006. The song "Is Forever Enough", featured the guest voice of Trevor McNevan. The album's first single, "Everything You Ever Wanted", went on to hit #1 for 9 weeks on the R&R Christian CHR chart, and was the fourth most played song of 2006. [1] The band spent the summer of 2006 touring the major Christian music festivals, and also took part in Jeremy Camp's Beyond Measure tour. Hawk Nelson released a 3-track Christmas EP titled Gloria on November 21, 2006, and in winter of that year they toured with tobyMac's Winter Wonder Slam tour along with The Afters, Family Force Five, and Ayiesha Woods.

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