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Hatzor HaGlilit

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Hatzor HaGlilit
District North
Government Local council
Hebrew חָצוֹר הַגְּלִילִית
Population 8,700 (2008)
Area 5170 dunams (5.17 km2; 2.00 sq mi)
Head of municipality Shimon Swisa
Founded in 1953
Coordinates 32°58′46.1″N 35°32′36.51″E / 32.979472°N 35.543475°E / 32.979472; 35.543475Coordinates: 32°58′46.1″N 35°32′36.51″E / 32.979472°N 35.543475°E / 32.979472; 35.543475

Hatzor HaGlilit (Hebrew: חָצוֹר הַגְּלִילִית‎) is a development town and local council in northern Israel, next to Rosh Pina and near Safed. The town was founded in 1953, and in 2008 had a population of approximately 8,700.[1] It is named for the nearby biblical site of Tel Hazor.

Hula Valley and Mount Hermon

Hatzor HaGlilit at front, Hula Valley and Mount Hermon at the background. Spring 1978


Hatzor HaGlilit was founded in 1952–1953 as an immigrant camp 1 km to the east of the former Palestinian Arab village Fir'im.[2][3] It transformed into a development town, and had a population of 4,000 by 1958. It was named after the biblical Hatzor located nearby.[4]

Neighborhoods and places of interest

One of the most famous attractions in the town is the tomb of Honi the Circle-Maker, whose tomb adjoins those of two of his grandsons, Abba Hilkiyah and Hanan HaNihba. They were believed to have been able to bring rain through their prayers.[5]

The town includes a large neighbourhood developed for and occupied by Gerrer hassidim.



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