For the food, see Charoset

Harosheth, or Harosheth ha Gojim -"the smithy of the nations" - an ancient city in Galilee, in the north of Palestine, probably so called because here Jabin's iron war-chariots, armed with scythes, were made.It is identified with either el-Harithiyeh or Tell el-'Amr, approximately 12 miles (19 kilometres) northwest of Megiddo. It was the residence of Sisera, (Judges 4:2) and it was the point to which the victorious Israelites under Barak pursued the discomfited host and chariots of the second potentate of that name. (Judges 4:16)

Some or all of this article is forked from Wikipedia. The original article was at Harosheth. The list of authors can be seen in the page history.

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