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Haran (Hebrew: הָרָן, Haran) (1948 AM[1]-ca. 2082 AM or 2056 BC-1922 BC) was the eldest son of Terah, and brother of Nahor and Abraham.


Genesis records that Haran was the father of Lot, Milcah, and Iscah (Genesis 11:27,29 ). James Ussher declared that "Iscah" and "Sarah" were one and the same person.[2]


Concerning the sons of Terah, the Bible says:

After Terah had lived 70 years, he became the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran. Genesis 11:26

Many commentators take this to mean that Abraham was born when Terah was 70 years old, because the Bible named Abraham first. But in fact the first-named son is the son who receives the birthright (the double inheritance awarded to favorite sons in ancient Middle Eastern culture) and not necessarily the eldest. Nor is this naming order without precedent; Shem is similarly named ahead of Japheth, though Japheth was Noah's eldest son.[3]

Ussher suggested that Haran was the eldest son of Terah[1] probably because Haran was the father of two daughters, each of whom married one of Haran's two brothers. Milcah married Nahor, and Iscah, a.k.a. Sarah or Sarai, married Abraham.


The Bible does not give an exact date of Haran's death. But it does say that Haran died in his home city of Ur of the Chaldees before his father Terah brought the family out of Ur to the country of Haran. The summer of 2082 AM is the latest that Haran could have died. If this is true, then he was 134 years old when he died.


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