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  1. Hanun was a king of Ammon described in 2 Samuel. Upon the death of his father Nahash, Hanun ascended to the throne of the Ammonites. When King David sent ambassadors to convey his condolences, Hanun reversed his father's pro-David policy and humiliated the emissaries, stripping them of their clothes and shaving half of their beards. He joined with Hadadezer of Damascus against Israel but was defeated and deposed. His brother Shobi was made king in his stead and became a loyal vassal of David's.
  2. Hanun was also the name of a Jew who returned from the Babylonian Exile and, with the people of Zanoah, repaired the valley gate in the wall of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah iii. 13)
  3. Hanun ben Zalaph was the sixth son of Zalaph, who also assisted in the repairing of the wall (ib. iii. 30).


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