Halah (Hebrew: חֲלַח, Modern  Tiberian Ḥălạḥ; Latin: Hala) is a city that is mentioned in the Bible. It is noted when the Assyrians invaded Israel and enslaved the people. They were sent into exile in Halah, in Gozan on the Habor River, and in the towns of the Medes. Halah was in Assyria, which was a major power in northern Mesopotamia. The city appears in 2 Kings and in 1 Chronicles, where the story is being retold.

It has been suggested that Halah may have been an old name for Cilicia, as the Hebrew name is similar to Khilikku or Khilakku, the Assyrian name for Cilicia, though this association is uncertain. Another suggestion is that Halah is a variant of Calah.


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