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Hélie de Talleyrand-Périgord[1] (1301-1364) was a French Cardinal[2], from an aristocratic family in Périgord, south-west France. He was born at Périgueux, son of Elias VII, Count of Périgord.[3]

He was Bishop of Limoges (1324), then Bishop of Auxerre (1329), Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Vincoli (1331), Cardinal-Bishop of Albano (1348) and dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals (1361).[4] He was a major figure in the Avignon papacy, and also a diplomat engaged in the negotiations of the Hundred Years War.

He was also a literary patron, promoting the writing of the 1336 travels of William of Bodensele[5], and corresponding with Petrarch.


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