Gymnopilus viridans is a rarely documented mushroom. It contains the hallucinogens psilocybin and psilocin. The last known collection is from Washington, United States (1912).


  • Pileus: — 8 cm, thick, convex with a large umbo, ochraceous, dry, with conspicuous light reddish brown scales that are sparse but become denser toward the center; flesh firm, becoming green-spotted where handled.
  • Gills: Adnate, broad, crowded, edges undulate, dingy brown to rusty brown with age.
  • Spore Print: Rusty brown.
  • Stipe: — 6 cm x 2 cm thick, enlarging below, solid, firm, colored like the cap,
  • Microscopic features: Spores (6)7 x 8.5 x (3.5)4 — 5 µm ellipsoid, not dextrinoid, minutely verruculose, obliquely pointed at one end, no germ pore. Pleurocystidia absent, Cheilocystidia 20 — 26 x 5 — 7 µm, caulocystidia 35 — 43 x 4 — 7 µm, clamp connections present.

Habitat and formation

Gymnopilus viridans is found growing cespitose on coniferous wood from June to November.


Murrill, Mycologia 4: 257. 1912. (Flammula viridans Murrill, Mycologia 4: 262. 1912.) Hesler, Mycologia Memoir No. 3 1969, North American Species of Gymnopilus

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