Photos, Pictures, Sceneries or Statues of the 10 Human Gurus are not accepted within Sikhi and Sikhi fully rejects the use of them.

Guru Ji Himself declares and affirms upon the issue through Gurbani as:

  • "Meditate on the image of the Guru within your mind; let your mind accept the Word of the Guru's Shabad (Gurbani teachings) and His Mantra (advice & guidance). Enshrine the Guru's feet within your heart. Bow in humility forever before the Guru, the Supreme Lord God." (Tr. fr. SGGS page 864)
  • "Enshrine the Guru's Feet in your heart. Meditate on Him and cross over the ocean of fire" (Tr. fr. SGGS Page 192)

And hence with these words and passages Sikhism apparently justifies that Sikhism won't allow making or worshiping of any sort of Photos, Pictures, Statues, Scenes of the ten Nanaks. To a man each of the Dasam Nanaks never allowed any artist or engraver of the time, to engrave, paint or sculpt their physical or Human rup (form).

The advent of Photography had not been invented until many years after their time on earth. Any of the paintings, or drawings in homes and Sikh establishments around Waheguru's world are images brought forth from the minds of artists who are naturally ignorant of the real physical appearence of any Sikh Guru and the formless One that men around the world have rendered form too. Of course those minds are minds that are part of God, created by God.

This painting even sculpting of our Gurus, my sister's freind give her a statue of Guru Nanak Dev jee (Chinese made) is here in India probably a hold over from Hinduism, but fundamentally I beleive that this all is contrary to the Sikh way of life or Sikh faith.

We have seen many Photographs/potraits showing the Guru's and their history. Today I have seen a picture of Mata Gujri, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh. I know that these are a visual artist's poetic imagination. I thought of making a photograph/illustration of Guru Har Rai And Bhai Kuram Singh related to Gurudwara Amb Sahib through my imagination (I know i am not that much pure to imagine) then the thought came to my mind—am I doing the right thing?

Well, thinking that a photographs may also be used as an idol by someone, i remembered that neither gurus nor their followers at that time made images of of them. They wrote bani and teach the bani. If one has an image of Guru Nanak and prays before it does it make you an addict to that photograph are you now worshiping a murti. I mean if you get attached to it——attachment is one of our five evils.

Same thing strikes in my mind when My sister freind's give her statue of Guru Nanak Dev jee(Chinese made) as gurus rejected this concepts and blady people are making their statues. So it comes in my mind Na aapan Nind sakiyey, Na apnaoon nu dil kardaa

One more concept arises, In many Gurdwaras the idols of gurus which they left like Chola Saab, any ornamental etc also worshipped they show them like these are god well again i think idol worship concept begins. SGPC recently announced to remove all photos from SGPC linked gurdwaras and all other gurdwaras. But after this announcement there are many gurdwaras which have guru's pictures hanging on the wall and people use to bow before them.

Kou Butan Ko pujat hai
Tavparsad Savaiya(patshahi 10)
Tirath naaveh archaa poojaa agar vaas behkaar
Guru Nanak Dev
Bhoganhaaray bhogi-aa is moorat kay mukh chhaar
Aap hee poojaaree aap hee dayvaa
Guru Nanak Dev
Tora-o na paatee pooja-o na dayvaa

Guru has no form he is formless so remove all pictures

Namastan Aroopay

Remove these pictures and place gurbani in place of it, before you eyes. When you wake up in morning your eyes will face gurbani first you will get confidence and start the day before bowing to that gurbani instead of photos.

Ik gal note kareo jae

Baani try karo normal copy tae naa likho normal page te gurbaani jae likh dindae ho te oh wee guru granth sahib daa ik panna ban jaandaa hai tae ohee panna radhee wale nu fara dindae ho yaa dustbin ch sut dindae ho. So dont write gurbani on normal copy or on a page jidi tusee care he nahin karr sakdde.

Socho keho jehaa lagoo jad granth mahjaraj dee kuj lines paani ch parwah rahe hovo, agg laa kae sanskar kar rahe hovo, lagdaa nahin jiven koi wichar gea hundaa.

Granth sahib maharaaj wee apnaa pitaa waa. jiven odee care karde ho iven ode angan dee wee care karo.

jehri calender etc. te gurus dee photos banaiaan nae these are not gurmukhs nature. Gurmukh kade guru de pic nahin banavegaa. Oh apnae man ch guru dee image banawegaa, rabb de image banavegaa

Main guru nanak dee murtee wekhi mainu inna gussa chareaa, oh guru nanak dee murtee bnahin hai oh bramha dee murtee hovegee. Main rabb nu murtee dae roop ch nahin dekh sakdaa. Rabb mere ch hai tuade, but us noo aapan pachaan nahin sakde taanhee 5 evils ghar kar jaandae nae. Rabb dee moorat tusee ho man tae kaboo paa lave, aapan fir tuanoo poojangae tuade through rabb de praptee karan gae. Lagdaa main jeyaada likh rehaa

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