Gurdwara Bhai Bahilon Ji Sahib is situated in village Phapre Bhai Ke in the Mansa district of Punjab. It is 6 kms. from Budlada and 7 kms. from Bhiki and 9 kms. from Mansa. It is situated at a distance of 2.5 km from Narinderpur railway station. This Gurdwara Sahib marks the site of birth of Bhai Bahilon Ji.

A Brick Solid History

In 1553 A.D. at the time of construction of Harmandir Sahib, Guru Arjan Dev Ji made a request to the Sangat to set up brick kilns and bring bricks for the construction of Sarovar Sahib. Bhai Bahilon Ji, a devoted Sikh was keen to make the best bricks for Harmandir Sahib. He went from place to place to find the method for making the best bricks. He was told that if filth were added to the kiln, it would improve the quality of the bricks.

Therefore he collected filth from wherever he could collect it. When the various Brickmakers presented their bricks before Guruji, he found that the bricks made by Bhai Bahilon Ji, were ultra red and of the best quality. With his clothes covered in mud Bhai Bahilon Ji stayed at the back of the group hesitating to come forward. Guruji then went closer, hugged Bhai Bahilon Ji and said, “Bhai Bahilon sab to pahilon.” (Bhai Bahilon you are the first, then all).

Recent Renovations

Kar sewa was started in 1994. The work on the Sarovar has been completed. Angeetha of Bhai Bahilon Ji is under construction. Under the supervision of Baba Harbans Singh Ji, the construction of Diwan Hall, Langar hall and Darshani Deodi are likely to be undertaken in near future.

Major Events

Prakash divas of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Shahidi divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji are the main events at Gurudwara Bhai Bahilon Sahib.


There is a Sarai of ten rooms where pilgrims can stay.

Educational Institutions

There are two schools in the village. Both schools are located in close vicinity of the Gurdwara Sahib.

  • Bhai Bahilon Senior Secondary School a Punjabi Medium School
  • Bhai Bahilon Model School an English Medium school.

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